FOREVER JACK Ltd offers for sale OFFICIALLY LICENCED PRODUCTS that are subject to registered and unregistered trademarks of the Secretary of State for Defence. 

Products that bear any registered or unregistered trade mark of the MOD are subject to this licencing and they are identified by the wording OFFICIAL LICENCED PRODUCT with the description. Not all products within our website are subject to MOD licencing but are however, still protected by copyright and intellectual property rights belonging to forever jack Ltd.

Registered and unregistered trade marks of the MOD can be found by searching for MOD LICENCING.

As a MOD Licence holder we guarantee that your product is of the highest quality and any badges or insignia are used under the terms and conditions of our licence.

Images shown online are of low resolution and do not represent the final quality of images used. Our images are supplied where necessary by the MOD. Images on our website cannot be downloaded or used in any form and under any circumstance without written approval from forever jack Ltd.

All Products provided by forever jack, and bearing a licensed image, will have within the packaging or hang label, notification of the authenticity. If your vendor is unable to display a hologram image on their products or provide a DIPR number, then the chances are that they are not licenced and the goods that you are buying are possibly uninsured and unauthorised. The hologram looks like this;

We are the holders of a Tri-service licence meaning that we can supply products that have insignia of the Royal Navy,  Royal air force, Army as well as the Royal Marines, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Fleet Auxiliary, WRNS, & RAF Display teams.

There are many outlets out there, either on Facebook, Twitter, and with their own sites and many of them are not licensed by MOD. Some even hide under the guise of "WE GIVE TO CHARITY' to secure your custom. Lots of them are US based companies that are beyond the reach of our Intellectual property rules and as such continue to trade in unlicensed, and what is in essence, counterfeit goods.

You may also have seen outlets selling the UK Veterans brooch. Many have asked us why we do not sell this badge in our range and we reply that we are not allowed to sell this badge. In fact nobody but MOD are allowed to supply the badge and quite rightly so. The badge is an award of service and to buy this on eBay or unlicensed outlets devalues its meaning. Again, if someone buys this badge FROM ANY OUTLET, it is unlicensed and therefore counterfeit goods.


Additionally, the Intellectual Property Act 2014 added the following provision into the Registered Designs Act 1949 “35ZA Offence of unauthorized copying etc. of design in course of business”. 35ZA of the Registered Designs Act 1949 makes the knowing manufacture or sale of unauthorised reproductions of registered designs a criminal offence, if done commercially.

It is lawful to sell genuine second-hand badges; these are easily identified by the registered design number embossed on the back of the badge and are usually sold singly. Larger quantities of badges being sold that do not have the registered design number embossed on the back is the indication that they are counterfeit.

Enforcement The Defence Intellectual Property Rights team (DIPR) actively monitors internet marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba for counterfeit veterans’ badges and military medals on a regular basis. Additionally, any complaints received from the public are followed up as a priority and the relevant action is taken. Local authority Trading Standards teams can help protect the integrity of the badge by liaising directly with the DIPR and taking local enforcement action where complaints are received or where officers see the badges for sale.

If you see veterans’ badges or military medals for sale you believe may be counterfeit, or require further information on the process of civil and criminal enforcement regarding this or any other MOD intellectual property issue, please contact

The MOD’s Medal Office, part of Defence Business Services, supplies and issues the veterans’ badge to those eligible. To apply for a veterans’ badge, click here

Many of you will not know the ins and outs of licensing and I guess many will not care too much. Did you know however that to secure a licence and become a legitimate outlet, we have to comply with MOD guidlands and reach a high standard of production of their copyrighted designs on all of our products. not to mention a very heavy financial outlay.

Not only that but we have to give 10% of our NET SALES (not profit) to MOD who then send that money on to the Single Services Welfare Charity So by purchasing from licenced outlets you are getting vetted and high quality goods, as well as helping us to help charities associated to MOD. Those that benefit from this charity input include veterans of all services and serving men and women of the armed forces.

We have to work closely with MOD and supply them with samples of our goods for each product that we make for you.

10% NET SALES to MOD each year.
Note this is net sales not profit 
£500 per Licence per service.
Insurance - The MOD must be a named party to the insurance and must have public liability cover of at least 10million, this costs us £800pa -
No licence is issued unless you prove you have this
Compliance to MOD Guidelines and continual scrutiny of websites, facebook pages etc.

Should you wish to enquire about our licence please email us